War- Behind The Scenes Part 2- The Cyberbattle

This continues the thread of thought from this post. The IDF has been taking over transmission of some Al-Manar broadcasts. Here is a link to a clip from YNET.

Clips broadcast on al-Manar made use of motifs taken from the world of Lebanon and Hizbullah, including quotes from Nasrallah.

The IDF has only assumed control of ground transmissions via regular antennae; satellite broadcasts were uninterrupted.

Like everything in the IDF, there was a three-part explanation supporting the take-over of Hizbullah media:

1. Use of the organization’s own platforms to broadcast Israel ‘s messages

2. Creating the sense that the organization is “penetrable” and that Israel has powerful capabilities

3. Damaging the organization’s abilities for set periods of time, and using the media as part of the war on to access the consciousness of the Lebanese community.”

The battle in cyberspace is still going on. There are participants on all sides who are working the angles, including DOS attacks, Trojans and various other electronic offensives. Keep your eyes peeled history is unfolding around us.

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  1. Yitzchak Goodman August 10, 2006 at 4:57 am

    Aaron’s CC is hacked again.

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