Understanding the Media

A man in Paris saw a pit bull attacking a toddler. He killed the pit bull and saved the child’s life. Reporters swarmed the fellow to cover the story.

–“Tell us!! What’s your name?? All of Paris will love you! Tomorrow’s headline will be “Paris Hero Saves Baby Girl from Vicious Dog!”.

The man said “But I’m not from Paris.”

Reporters: “That’s OK. Then the whole of France will love you and tomorrow’s headline will read: “French Hero Saves Baby Girl from Vicious Dog“.

The man said, “I’m not from France, either.”

Reporters:”That’s Ok also. All Europe will love you. Tomorrow’s headline will shout: “Europe’s Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog“.

The man said, “I’m not from Europe, either.”

Reporters: So, where ARE you from?”

The man said “I’m from Israel.”

Reporters: “OK… Then tomorrow’s headlines will proclaim to the world:

Vicious Jew Kills Family Pet!!!”.

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