JonBenet Ramsey Continued

Here is some additional information regarding the post below. This still leaves a few questions to be answered.

BOULDER, Colorado (CNN) — John Mark Karr, a 41-year-old schoolteacher, has been charged with murder in the 1996 killing of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, authorities said at a news conference in Boulder, Colorado, on Thursday.

Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy wouldn’t comment on nature of investigation or the timing of the arrest.

“There is much more work to be done” on the case, Lacy said.

“Let us do our job thoroughly and carefully,” Lacy asked the media.

Karr had begun working as second-grade teacher in Bangkok international school system on Tuesday, Lacy said.

Karr said in Bangkok he was with the child beauty queen when she died in 1996 and called her death “an accident.”

“I was with JonBenet when she died,” he told reporters in Bangkok. “I loved JonBenet.”

Asked by a reporter if he was an innocent man, Karr replied, “No.”

And here is another section to review.

Abduction gone awry?

Suwat quoted Karr as saying that he tried to kidnap JonBenet for $118,000 ransom but that the plan went awry and he strangled her, according to an AP report.

Karr told questioners he drugged and then had sex with JonBenet before accidentally killing her, Thamrongrisakul told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Thamrongrisakul said he was not present for the questioning, which was conducted by U.S. law enforcement officials, according to the AP report, but was told of the interrogation.

Karr had been a suspect for a while, Hurst said, adding that her office and the Thai police worked closely for two months before a judge believed probable cause existed for an arrest.

Karr’s arrest was the culmination of an investigation that began after a University of Colorado professor, Michael Tracey, contacted authorities in Boulder.

Tracey, who produced a documentary about the JonBenet murder, had been in touch with Karr for at least two years, according to university spokesman Barrie Hartman.

Karr’s ex-wife, Lara Karr, told KGO-TV in California that she does not believe her former husband killed JonBenet because he was with her in Alabama at the time.”

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  1. seawitch August 18, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    Time will tell if Karr is guilty. At another site, one of those who linked Karr to Ramsey has a book coming out soon.

    Karr is a very sick person. But forsenic evidence should tell if he’s the murderer.

  2. Jack's Shack August 18, 2006 at 1:25 am

    I can only imagine. You should have seen us during the whole OJ affair.

  3. Amishav August 18, 2006 at 1:08 am

    I live in Colorado and we’re all pretty well burned out on this story. If the guy really is guilty its great, but we’ll have to wait. People here have been moving on for a long time now.

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