Chavez rips U.S., Israel during China visit

I don’t trust this man at all. He is not playing a game. We need to be careful and vigilant. He is looking to make himself into a real player in world affairs.

“BEIJING, China (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez slammed Washington on Friday for opposing his bid for a U.N. Security Council seat and condemned Israel’s strikes in Lebanon as comparable to the acts of Adolf Hitler.

“The left-leaning Chavez also said Venezuela wants to expand ties with China, giving Beijing a bigger role in its oil industry and drawing on the communist government’s experience in modernizing its economy.

President Hu Jintao on Thursday endorsed Venezuela’s campaign for a Security Council seat. The bid has unsettled Washington because of Chavez’s efforts to foster relations with North Korea and Iran. U.S. officials are backing Guatemala for the seat instead.

“The U.S. government has employed every means to block my country from joining the Security Council,” Chavez told reporters. “The American imperialists are trying to stop us.”

Chavez condemned Israeli attacks in Lebanon since July 12 that have killed civilians. He compared them to the acts of Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, and said Israeli leaders should be prosecuted for genocide before the International Court of Justice.

“Israel is doing the same thing as Hitler today,” he said. “We give our sympathy to the Arab people and condemn Israel.”

Chavez has made similar remarks about Israel recently and has scaled back ties with the Israeli government while also building close relations with Iran.

Earlier this month, Chavez withdrew his country’s top diplomat to Israel to protest its attacks in Lebanon and its actions toward the Palestinians. Israel, which responded by calling home its ambassador, has criticized what it calls Chavez’s “one-sided policy” and “wild slurs.”

Chavez said Friday he was invited to visit Syria but hasn’t set a date. ”

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