Saturday Night’s Alright For Blogging

If you don’t know the musical reference in the title than you should find out. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have an answer.

I always feel a bit unsettled, just before the Jewish New Year that is. I don’t exactly know why. I have my suspicions. I have my ideas, but I don’t really know if any of them are all that accurate.

Maybe it is because I am antsy. Maybe it is because by nature I sometimes find it hard to sit still. Of course, I also am the complete oppposite of that. I can lie on a beach or hammock and just do nothing for hours at a time. I love to sit creekside and listen the water murmur and the whisper of the wind on the trees. I love to hear the roar of the waves.

Today my daughter climbed into my lap and ordered me to read a book to her, so I did. Actually we read it about eight times. She turned and twisted so that she could look into my eyes and then she took her tiny hands and stroked my face. I melted. She kissed my forehead and said “I love you!”

Ok, that is not entirely true. She screamed it. Screaming and shrieking are new things for her, but she loves them. Don’t know what it is about shrieking and little girls, but every little girl I have ever known has done so.

My son has a million questions about the world, especially before bedtime. My daughter doesn’t ask too many questions, instead she claims to be starving. They both make me smile.

I remember being a child and wanting to stay awake. They have that same fear that I had that if they go to sleep they’ll miss something.

Now I don’t fear missing anything but sleep. Kind of funny how that works.

I am not a fan of the Catholic Church, can’t say that I like the pope but I don’t like what I see happening now. That is, I don’t like the temper tantrum that many Muslims are throwing. People get offended all the time. Grow up and act like adults.

You are entitled to ask for an apology. You are entitled to be upset and offended. You are not entitled to use violence to try and obtain said apology.

I am glad that it is football season. I love watching and love playing the game. I miss some of the older players. I miss watching Emmit Smith, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson and Walter Payton play. Those guys were just a lot of fun.

Sometimes I miss being 20. Ok, I don’t miss the experiences I had that year, but I miss the physical condition I was in. I miss having a metabolism that allowed me to eat anything. I miss having a body that you couldn’t bruise. I miss being able to function on three hours of sleep for months at a time.

OTOH, I like not living in a dumpy apartment. I like having a full refrigerator. I love my family and I enjoy having more than two dollars in my checking account.

I am sorry that the Jameel/DovBear lovefest fell through, but I am curious to get the full report as to what happened at the big Psychotoddler/Blogger meet.

I almost flew out just to say that I was there, but then again maybe I was. Maybe I am writing this from my room at the Hyatt Grand Central. Maybe I spent time playing Three Card Monty with a little man at 42nd and Lex or maybe I just hung out at home and discovered that I have a plumbing problem.

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  1. PsychoToddler September 18, 2006 at 9:47 pm

    And maybe I was there too, but I had a plumbing problem. Oops, TMI.

  2. Jameel September 18, 2006 at 3:36 pm

    And maybe I was there too, and just wanted to be incognito?

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