The Wedding Fantasy That Never Was

Back in the days in which I was part of the sadistic clutches of planning a wedding I had a simple fantasy.

I wanted to get married at Dodger Stadium. It would have been perfect. The chuppah would have been at homeplate and the attendants would have been lined up nearby.

I wanted Vin Scully to do the play-by-play. I could just hear him come up with a few funny stories about the bride and groom.

Some of the details have always been a little fuzzy. I have this great mental image of me running the bases in my tux as Scully says he just hit this one out of here! Of course I fully intended for that to coincide with my sliding into home plate and the rabbi yelling “safe.”

Another one of my ideas involved the bullpen. I thought that it might be fun for someone in the dugout to call time and walk out to have a short conversation with me after which another guy dressed in a tux would trot out of the bullpen towards the chuppah.

Sadly I never did get the opportunity to try and turn this fantasy into reality.

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