Heather McCartney to sue British papers

I don’t really care much about this story, but when I saw the picture accompanying the headline Heather McCartney to sue British papers I had to comment.

Am I the only person wondering if the selection of this picture was intentional. Maybe.

And now for some commentary on the article.

“She is pursued everywhere she goes. She is stalked by press photographers, who congregate outside her home and chase after her in cars — regardless of her safety or the safety of her daughter,” her lawyers said.

I am not a fan of the paparazzi. We give celebrities far too much credit. But at the same time I am a realist. Look who she married. Did she really expect to be able to live a normal life. C’mon.

Somewhere Paul is banging his head against a wall. I can hear him muttering to himself.

First I had to deal with Lennon bloke taking credit for my work, not to mention his crazy lady. And now this.

Ok, maybe those aren’t his exact words, but right about now he just might wish that the “Paul is dead” rumors were true.

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