How Far Would You Go To Save a Life

It is a serious question. How far would you go to save someones life. What are you willing to do? If someone you knew was engaging in dangerous behavior what would you do to try and change it.

Let’s change the scenario. Imagine that someone you know has serious health issues. Imagine that they are not doing a good job of taking care of them and that by doing this they are compromising their health.

Imagine that in spite of your best efforts to help them they still continue to engage in this harmful behavior. It is not illegal. It is not dangerous to anyone other than themselves. But still because you love them dearly the pain of watching them dance upon the head of a pin is insufferable.

Do you rationalize it all and say that unless they want to change it just doesn’t matter. Or do you do everything you can think of; beg, plead, scream, berate, bully and discuss in the hope that something you say will have an impact.

If you try and fail will there be consequences that you cannot live with. Or would you be more afraid of what happened if you didn’t try.

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