Truth Or Fiction

Just for fun I thought that I’d create a list of things/experiences that I may or may not have done. It is an interactive exercise. If you wish to participate your job is to identify which things I have really done and which I have not.

Ready? Here we go:

  1. I used to do 700 push ups each night.
  2. Climbed Mt. McKinley.
  3. Proposed marriage on top of the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Appeared on a Game Show.
  5. Won the lottery.
  6. Joined the Marines.
  7. Been hit by a car.
  8. Gone River rafting down the Amazon.
  9. Played bass in a garage band.
  10. Was a member of three Safaris.
  11. Won the Pacific Coast Showmens League scholarship four years running.
  12. Placed 212th in 1990 Heisman balloting.
  13. Successfully drank a gallon of beer at one sitting.
  14. Lived in cleveland for three weeks and survived.
  15. Benchpressed 330 pounds.
  16. I can bark like a dog.
  17. Tore the doors off a pickup truck.
  18. Was employed as a waiter.
  19. Was employed as a teacher.
  20. Was employed as a professional clown.
  21. Took 3rd place in the International Festival of Blind Polka Dancers.
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