The Apprentice LA- My Intial Impressions

I stand by my earlier post in which I expressed my concern that the show may have jumped the shark. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Ivanka Trump hasn’t done a thing to impress me. She had the good fortune to be born a Trump but all I see is a girl standing in her father’s shadow. She may have something upstairs or she may just be lucky. Right now my vote is for luck.
  2. I am a homer. I love my city so I admit to mild irritation that they spend so much time covering the superficial aspects of it.
  3. The changes that they have made in the show make it appear to be much more game show like and less reality. If I want game show I can watch Jeopardy.

That is all the time it deserves. I’ll check in again to see if I change my mind.

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