Rhode Island’s only kosher bed and breakfast

CNN Has the story:

Rhode Island’s only kosher bed and breakfastNEWPORT, Rhode Island (AP) — A practicing Catholic who attends church each Sunday, Mary Ellen Newbury hardly seems a sure bet to know the ins and outs of keeping a kosher diet.

But as innkeeper of the Admiral Weaver Inn, the only kosher bed-and-breakfast in Rhode Island, Newbury’s job is to ensure her guest’s religious needs are satisfied — whether by making sure that meat and dairy meals are kept separate or by keeping bacon and sausage far away from the house.

Upholding the strict standards of a religion, albeit one different than her own, is a responsibility she takes seriously.

“I respect their beliefs and they in turn respect mine,” said Newbury, a lifelong Newport resident and retired school teacher. “That’s how it’s worked out.”

The six-bedroom inn, which opened as a kosher bed-and-breakfast more than five years ago, was the brainchild of a Ukranian immigrant looking to give something back to the Jewish community. The 1860s home, which boasts standard trappings like TVs and personal refrigerators, also has unique features that showcase its commitment to Jewish tradition.

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  1. Anonymous January 11, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    There goes my father’s plan to retire and open up a kosher B&B. Although he was thinking Colorado, and not Rhode Island.

  2. Sara with NO H January 11, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Well if it’s missing things I think it’s pretty cool. The article made it sound as if she was alone there and keeping kosher. I mean if she has a whole staff handling things, I think it’s nice.

  3. Anonymous January 11, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    I think this is awesome…too bad there aren’t more of them. Schleping your own food when traveling is the pits.

  4. Jack's Shack January 11, 2007 at 7:02 am


    It has its moments.


    I don’t think that the article tells the whole story.


    Thanks for that.

  5. Anonymous January 11, 2007 at 12:04 am

    Actually, Sara, she’s not the one who turns on the flame. My husband and I were there once before we had kids and though I’m not a posek, I can tell you that kashrus was adhered to carefully. Quite a lot of other frum families were there too.

  6. Sara with NO H January 10, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    Would you eat there? I mean I hate to sound like a spoiler or something but food she cooks isn’t kosher whether or not meat and dairy is separated. I mean you have dishes and who turns on the flame, blah blah…ugh I hate how I sound.

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