Who Sends Me Traffic

Being a stat junkie I have installed a total of 1,762,098 different stat counters that I use to measure traffic on my blog. I know about page views, unique users, popular pages, popular posts etc.

Today I decided to check on the sources of my traffic. These run the gambit from people who stumbled onto the blog through search engines, other blogs, aggregators and refugees from cleveland.

Instead of listing all of the sources of traffic I have decided to list the blogs that send me the most traffic. I thank you all for your help. Please feel free to continue visiting and telling others to visit my corner of cyberspace.

Please go visit these bloggers and tell them I sent you. And now in no particular order I present the following blogs:

Psycho Toddler
Jameel The Waffle King
The Shmata Queen
Books and Beliefs
Israel Matzav

If I remember I’ll have to check this in about 30 days or so to see if there is any significant variation.

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