Why Did The Python Cross The Road

This 18ft python should be slithering through the jungle.

But yesterday on a country road in North Yorkshire it was going nowhere fast.

A man out walking his dog got the shock of his life when he stumbled upon its body.

Baffled police are trying to find out how the fully grown reptile wound up in the village of Cloughton near Scarborough, a million miles from its natural habitat.

Ann Tindall, who lives nearby and also spotted the snake, said: “It was a real surprise to see it. You just cannot believe that something like this could be found somewhere like Scarborough.

“We measured it and it came to about 17.7ft.”

Police said the snake had started to decompose by the time it was discovered.

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  1. The Misanthrope April 10, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    My friend had a python until a couple of weeks ago. It escaped about a year ago and he found it in a neighbor’s tree. He bred rats to feed it. The whole was very gross and sad.

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