Great Moments In Penology

pe·nol·o·gy also poe·nol·o·gy (pē-nŏlə-jē) pronunciation

The study, theory, and practice of prison management and criminal rehabilitation.

Here at the Shack we’re pleased to bring you some great moments in Penology. Sure, we could be serious and cover the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, but what fun would that be.

Instead we are going to cover great moments in music in prison

First there was Johnny Cash at San Quentin and then came the masters from CPDRC. You remember them, the prison where the inmates reenacted Thriller. These fellas are quickly gaining a special place in my heart. They don’t just do Michael Jackson. No sir, they also perform songs by Queen and bits from Sister Act and do the Jumbo Hot Dog Dance.

Just in case you are interested in learning more about such a progressive institution they have a promotional video that you can watch here.

P.S. Technically this post is supposed to deal with real prisons, but just this one time we can adjust the rules to allow the king to participate. Elvis doesn’t count but what the heck.

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