The Power of Shmooze

Irina has awarded me with The Power Of Shmooze. I am appreciative of the award and her kind thoughts. It is nice to know that people appreciate my writing. I haven’t changed my thoughts about Why I Blog.

Ultimately this is still for me. This is where I vent and explore my thoughts. The Misanthrope paid a very nice compliment to me too about blogging from the heart. It was very kind, but as I said there it is not easy for me to do. As more pieces of my anonymity are stripped away it becomes far harder to dig deep and share the good and bad inside.

It is not that I cannot talk about these things with friends and family. I can, but I usually choose not to. It is not my nature to have these discussions, at least not very often. I consider myself to be a happy person, but at the same time these are my problems to deal with. There is a dark side that says that we all have shit to deal with and most people don’t really care about mine so why waste time telling them.

Besides usually the things that bother me the most are not things that anyone else can solve. There are moments when I can very much relate to the lyrics in the Nine Inch Nails song, “Hurt.” Johnny Cash does a great cover of it. You can check it out here.

I suppose that one of the reasons I love blogging is because it does serve as an outlet. More often than not the act of writing helps me sort things out and reach a point of equilibrium. And as I have said many times, even though I write for me, the interaction is meaningful.

The chance to engage in dialogue with you has enriched my life. It is not an exaggeration nor hyperbole. There are posts that have touched me. I have learned more about the world and my place in it. It has served as a good reminder that my life is pretty good.

Technically I am supposed to tell you more about the award and name some blogs that I think deserve the power of Shmooze. But since I made fun of the Thinking Blogger award I think that I am going to pass on that.

For now I’ll say that if you are on the blogroll you probably are someone that has managed to touch me. I won’t lie and say that I read every blog on there daily. There is no time for that and in truth some of you do not hold my attention, just as I am sure I do not hold everyone’s attention either.

But I did want to make sure that I acknowledged Irina and thanked her because I do appreciate her kind words.

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