Vocabulary Time

It is time for more obscure words for our enjoyment. My pal Robert Avrech usually asks his readers to use the words he provides in a sentence. Not me, I want you to go and sprinkle them in comments on other blogs. Don’t forget to tell them where you received such a fine education.

If this works out, in no time at all we’ll have a roomful of Ivy Leaguers fighting to comment here. And then again, maybe not.

One more note, if you should ever find yourself using any of these words on a game show I must ask a favor. I want 10 percent of your winnings, or at least mention the name of the blog because you know that Trebek wishes that he could be part of a fine blog like The Shack.


[Port.] yearning or longing, but more than that…


[L. scaturiens, p. pr. of scaturire gush out, from scatere to bubble, gush.]
Gushing forth; full to overflowing; effusive. [R.]

A pen so scaturient and unretentive.


1) the eve of May Day on which witches are held to ride to an appointed rendezvous
2) something (as an event or situation) having a nightmarish quality


[fr. parley, call for truce + ?] Scot. obs.
a call for a truce by one who has fallen in fighting or play; a request for a time out

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