You Can Call Me Soccer Dad or Coach

This coming Fall the big boy is going to play another season of soccer. So once again you will be able to call me Soccer Dad. No, I am not this Soccer Dad. Those would be mighty big shoes to fill.

No, this year I am just an ordinary suburban father who is tasked with taking a group of seven year old boys and turning them into lean, mean, fighting machines. I rather expect that this experience should make good blog fodder.

And how sad am I that I look at everything I do and wonder if it is worth blogging about. Ok, that is an exaggeration, I don’t get that obsessive about this, but it is not hyperbole to say that I think about blogging a lot. But this a topic for a different post.

For now we’ll focus on the coaching. More on this later.

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  1. Sweettooth120 says

    I just can’t believe your son is 7 already. Wow time has sure flown by. It’s seems like yesterday when you were writing about your four year old son.

  2. Jack's Shack says

    A size 8? I wear a 12. I suppose that you are right about the shoes. However, I disagree about measuring your success based upon a win/loss record.

  3. Soccer Dad says

    Actually I’m only a size 8. My shoes are not that big.

    As far as coaching, as my subtitle makes clear, I haven’t been very successful as a coach.

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