Stalin’s Jewish Lover

Ynet has an interesting story about Stalin and his Jewish woman.

The communist tyrant Joseph Stalin was known to be an anti-Semite who planned wide-scale purges against the Jews in his latter days. Yet the fact that the Soviet ruler planned to annihilate the Jews did not prevent him from having an affair with a Jewish woman, and to take care of her daughter until her mother passed away. According to some evidence, Stalin may have even married the woman.

The affair was disclosed recently thanks to a letter discovered by an historian named Nicolai Nada. The letter, which was placed on the desk of the general secretary of the communist party Georgi Malenkov in 1953, the day Stalin suffered a stroke, was kept in a classified party file for years.

Just a few months ago those in charge of the file were persuaded to reveal the letter, and this is what it contained:

Dear Comrade Malenkov!

I am the daughter of Ana Rubinstein, the former wife of Comrade Stalin.

As he is in ill health, I ask you to let me see him. He knows me since I was a child.

R. Sabashnikov (Kostiokovski). If it is not possible to see him, I ask you to grant me an audience on a very urgent matter.

Date: 04.03.55

For the full story please click here.

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