A Horrible Way To Die

You can add this to my list of ways I DO NOT want to die. How horrible.

Authorities in Orange County are working to recover the remains of a 24-year-old Anaheim man who was killed Wednesday in a wood chipper accident in Tustin.

The tree service worker “was standing at the back end of the chipper, throwing branches into it with his co-workers nearby,” said Sgt. Pat Welch of the Tustin Police Department.

“One of them looked over, and he was gone.”

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  1. I also thought of Fargo- but I think in the movie, the guy had already been killed. The killer was trying to dispose of the body in the wood chipper. I think.

    But yeah- horrible,horrible way to die.

  2. Im amazed nobody has thought of some sort of safety device for these things.

  3. Jack's Shack says


    And how.


    Good movie. It is hard not to associate the two.


    You said it.

    Call me paranoid, but I wonder how this happened. Could he had been pushed in.

  4. Good lord!

  5. The Misanthrope says

    Fargo seems to pop into my head.

  6. Oh man… that IS awful.

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