P.C.’s Versus Apple Computers

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was a devoted member of the Apple Computer cult. I was a dyed-in-the-wool Kool-aid drinking guarantor of the superiority of Apple computers versus a P.C. At that time I couldn’t stand to use a P.C. It was an affront against my sensibilities.

And it was with the greatest of reluctance that I eventually switched my home unit to a P.C. I remember telling myself that it was a temporary move that was due to price and market conditions. It was little consolation, but it really was something that I had little choice over.

Now here I am a decade or so later and I find that I am in a position in which I use both an Apple and a P.C. on a daily basis. The Apple faithful won’t like what I have to say, but I find that the Apple doesn’t thrill me the way that it used to. It may look cool and in some areas it might have genuine superiority over the P.C. but it just doesn’t do all that much for me anymore.

In fact I find that there are a number of tiny details that it falls short. Some of that might be due to some technical issues in which the software developers have focused on the P.C. world as they have the larger market share, but I find that to be little consolation.

You know what this feels like? It is like getting the chance to go back and date the one that got away only to find out that she smells like rotting flesh. You couldn’t find a better combination of shock and awe. The problem is that in this case shock and awe are situated on the island of despair and disappointment.

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