Evel Knievel- Rest In Peace

An XR-750 in the Evel Knievel display at Madam...

An XR-750 in the Evel Knievel display at Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you were a boy during the 70’s you probably had one of these toys.

Evel Knievel was a household name. We loved to watch and talk about his stunts, not to mention pretend to recreate them. I can remember more than one occasion in which my mother specifically told me not to try and do what Evel had done.

The good news was that because I was just a boy I never had the opportunity to really imitate him, but my continual attempts to jump the Snake River, buses or through flames probably caused her and my father to lose a lot of sleep. For posterity’s sake allow me to clarify that these attempts were made using ordinary household products and all of the resourcefulness young boys could come up with.

So that meant building ramps out of wood and boxes, jumping on and off of the curb and doing all sorts of stuff that today would have made me and the boys contestants in the X-Games. Did I mention jumping off of the roof into the swimming pool? No, well let me add that we seriously considered riding our bikes off of the roof and into the pool.

Fortunately for us our parents always spotted our attempt to bring ramp and bike onto the roof so it never did happen.

Anyhoo, old Evel lived a lot longer than my mother said he would. Later today I am going to have to give her a call and ask her if she remembers telling me that sooner or later one of his tricks would kill him and that a smart boy wouldn’t try such silly things.

On a side note, I can just picture Evel doing his stunts in heaven, while Howard Cosell provides the color commentary. Perhaps I’ll add more to this later.

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