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  1. Jack's Shack says

    Hi Shira,

    When you are “creating” a post there is an icon that looks like a picture. If you mouse over it you will see that it says “add image.”

    Click on that and it will ask if you you to add an image from your computer or from elsewhere on the web.

    Try clicking on that and then walking through the steps and see what happens.

    If that doesn’t make sense let me know.

  2. Shira Salamone says

    I’ve tried Flickr and failed. Would you prefer to answer me on *my* blog? See my Tues., Dec. 11 post.

  3. Shira Salamone says

    Wow, not only are these gorgeous photos, but you know something that I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time: How do you link to a photo? Since I’m still at least some semblance of anonymous at the office, there are some photos that I don’t dare publish directly on my blog in a visible fashion. I was planning to publish a “tech assistance requested” post on my blog, but since I see that you can answer my query, I would certainly appreciate it if you would clue me in.

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