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I am always amused by how people find the Shack.

evel knievel jewish
adolf hitler’s flatulence problem
michael franzese biography mafia
explaining death to children
jack upside down meaning
mr. really really really bad dancer
meaning of suspicious minds elvis presley
ring of fire
man being eaten by tiger
why do people leave random, no meaning comments?
leave him for me
euthyphro dilemma destroying the link of religion and morality
bearer of bad tithing
in my dreams i’m dying all the time
crotch durability problem
why does happy holidays offend christians
marni stacey
origin garden gnomes
mooses penis
red russian army alabama video
why do tears have to fall
what would evel knievel do
my final goodbye poem
taking a break
dave’s not here man
how long does love last?
shola rhodes

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  1. Mark December 6, 2007 at 1:42 am

    Moose’s Penis???

    Were you bragging again, Jack?

    Happy Channukah!

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