Uninvited Guests- What Would You Do?

Pretend for a moment that you blog anonymously. Now pretend that someone you know asks to see your blog. You explain that you are intentionally anonymous and that you’d rather not give them the keys to your cyberspace home.

Still they persist in asking to see it and you finally come up with a compromise. Said compromise is that you will share some of your writing with them, via a little cut and paste. They in turn AGREE not to try and find your blog.

Sadly they ignore your wishes and use the writing sample you provided to “Google” your blog. You in turn let them know that via your stat checker you know they have intentionally ignored your wishes and are trespassing and still they continue to show up.

Would you just let it go and accept that you were foolish in providing them with a writing sample?

Would you confront them and ask them to stop reading?

Or would you write a post in which you make it clear that you know they have violated their promise and are abusing your sense of trust in them?

I suppose that you now understand what I might do in the situation. It is one thing to be discovered by accident, it is another to be found out via intent.

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