1. Smooth January 2, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Kol Ra’ash Gadol said…
    “*sigh* I am overcome by the exceptional wit and peerless arguments.”

    You’re also overcome with shame, so much so, that you deleted your own nasty comments. Just like a feral cat, burying its excrement in in the dirt; just like a lib to re-write history.

  2. bernie January 2, 2008 at 1:08 am

    Something wrong with my spell checker. I thought I repaired the misspellings, but they don’t seem to have been saved or I must be drunk on champagne.

    Please forgive the spelling mistakes.

  3. bernie January 2, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Kol Ra’ash Gadol,

    I think it is instructive for us to remember that not every Nazi was a murderous cretin who enjoyed killing Jews. So one can honestly say that not all Nazis were evil. Indeed, some had to become Nazis in order to maintain their jobs.

    But does that mean that the ideology of Nazism is not evil and dangerous to freedom? Just because we may have a few Muslim friends that seem peaceful does not mean that Islam is not dangerous. Indeed there were Nazis that saved Jewish lives just as there were Muslims in Turkey who saved Jewish lives during WWII, but so what? The actions of a few cannot redeem a barbaric, savage, and vicious ideaology and here I am speaking of both Islam and Nazism, so please spare me “not all Muslims are out to destroy the world.”

    Not all Nazis agreed with Deutchland Uber Alles, but what could the overwhelming majority of moderate Nazis do when the minority of extremists were calling the shots? If moderate Muslims were in control of their religion then there would be no danger to the rest of humanity from Islam. The reason that we have so few extremists in Christianity who blow up abortion clinincs is precisely because the extremists do not control Christianity just as those few Jews who believe that you should be stoned for not observing the Sabbath do not control Judaism because if they did, then New York City would be closed on Saturdays.

    The reason we can have moderates controlling Christianity and Judaism is that those with opposing views are not killed as they are in Islam. In fact, just criticizing Islam will get a fatwa of death against you.

    The very rules of Islam require extremism and I doubt that there will ever be a day when moderate Muslims control their religion.

    But I suppose it makes you feel good to be able to say you have Muslim friends. My father told me he had Jewish friends who denied that all Nazis were bad because they in fact had Nazi friends.

    Some day you will regret having said you had Muslim friends, I know that my father’s friends regret the friends they once thought they had.

    I can forgive them their gullibility, after all, who could conceive that men, men who were your frineds, could be capable of standing by quietly while your whole family disappeared into the flames?

    It will be harder to forgive your gullibility, after all, you must have read some history books, no?

  4. Smooth December 31, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    Yikes. You said so many things that are so wrong that I stopped reading half-way thru your muddled attempt at moral relativism and your caveat of an apology.

    How many times does one have to repeat the same thing to people like you on the American Left who have squirreled into the media, who have squirreled into the Democratic party, who have squirreled into wanting a centralized government, that opposition to Islam and the dislike of what is in the Koran and the Hadith, and the cause of the observable behavior of Muslims toward non-Muslims in the lands conquered by and for Islam over 1350 years, does not constitute “bigotry”.

    For one, Islam did not ever have opposition to it because Islam put their opposition to the sword. It was invented as a lie from the get go. The Allah of the Koran is not the same as the G-d of the Torah, not at all. It does not have the same meaning, it’s just a catch phrase that liberals like to glom on to.

    You don’t have to look far to find that the basic tenets of Islam is world wide domination as practiced by Mohahammed, and by the sword as necessary.

    And that while maybe most American Muslims are peaceful individuals, they are also complicit with the basic tenet of world-wide domination via their silence regarding the actions of their fellow Muslims overseas, a silence which implies tacit approval.

    Not to mention the fact that Islam was invented by Mohammed actually as a thinly disguised attempt to steal the identity of Jews by distorting the facts about Moses and reversing Ishmael with Isaac as to who was given the promise of the Holy Land, and who Abraham was going to sacrifice.

    Most noticeable in your defense of Islam, is the claim that Islam and Judaism are the same. For one Islam was not divinely inspired and to insinuate that it was, is pure proganda posing as scholarship.

    Your whole philosophy, moral equivalency and theological appeasement is what has led Israel to the brink of defeat by trading land that Jews bought and paid for in exchange for a fraudulent peace, and by giving away the Jews identity to the point where even now half of Jerusalem could be given away in order to appease those who will not be appeased until Israel is no more. What a shame that you’ve dedicated your adult life to leading other lemmings along the same path to self-destruction.

    Like I wrote earlier: you should have thought about the consequences of your vicious tone more thoroughly before you posted it here on Jack’s blog, so don’t lecture me about how Jack might feel about it now, but as far as continuing this discussion, I’d rather have a tooth drilled.

    But ask yourself, Kol, why, when Ahmadinjehad speaks, why don’t you believe him? When Nasrallah speaks, why don’t you believe him? When Osama bin Laden speaks, why don’t you believe him? This is post-911, Kol, there is no excuse for you to not believe them. We did exactly what lefties like you wanted us to do during the Clinton administration pre-911. We bombed former Yugoslavia, we ignored the attacks on American civilians, we ignored the USS Cole, we ignored the bombings of the two South African embassies, and we paid a price for it. Yet, now, lefties like you are calling for us to behave now just like we did pre-911. What utter stupidity.

  5. Smooth December 31, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Your words speak for *you*, you rabbinical facsimile. After visiting your website, I see that you don’t have a problem with me, you have a problem with Israel. You link to and evidently align yourself with anti-Jewish, anti-Israel pro-palestinian progressive Jewish groups. No wonder you’ve gone mute. Give my regards to Yael Korin, you miserable wretch.

  6. Smooth December 31, 2007 at 6:47 am

    Oh, dear, a lefty libtard catatonic with rage. I have to say, Kol, you’re about as vicious and as nasty a poster as I have come across. I don’t know what makes you so defective but your being one of Islam’s useful idiots doesn’t help your cause.

    After reading your nasty, condescending, over-the-top rant, it’s clear that you didn’t comprehend at all what my original post was about. Not only do you impugn me having never visited my site or any of the hundreds of articles I’ve written, but you call Kahane a murderer without citing any evidence. You go even further and vow that his memory be erased. I can honestly state that I think you’re out of your mind, but then again, liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid.

    No matter how many times lefties like you use that word “racism” or “bigotry” or “islamophobia” as camouflage or cover, it will not do. Lefty freaks like you avoid the real questions about Islam because then it would mean confronting the nature of Islam itself.

    Islam is more than pretty fabrics and mosaic tiles, kol. Islam is a collectivist faith. It is opposed to the expressed will of the people, and instead favors the will of Allah, as expressed in the Koran and the Hadith and Sira. It is opposed to individual liberties. It is opposed to freedom of speech. It is opposed to freedom of religion. It is opposed to full legal equality for women. It is opposed to the equal treatment of Muslims and non-Muslims. The tenets of Islam, as expressed in the Koran flatly contradict the legal and political institutions of this country, and many of its social arrangments as well. Non-Muslims are not brought up to undo the legal, political and traditional institutions of the United States or Israel, the way that Muslims are brought up. But, if you had any brains, you would have known all that. However, you are incapable of comprehending that Islam is different, which explains why you are so defective.

    As for what everyone else these days think of Islam, based on their knowledge of history and often from personal experience, read John Quincy Adams, John Ledyard, William Eaton and Mordechai Noah. Read them all, snob, and you will not find any offering about Islam from any one of them similar in any way to what lefties like you tell us Islam is. So, go on, take that risk, Kol, try to become a pioneer. Try real hard to have an independent thought and stop being a sheep in the weirdo left wing flock. And if you can’t help yourself from being a sheep, Machsom Watch and Women in Black have openings for arrogant snits just like you who are undermining my country, who undermine Israel, and who are playing politics while the Muslim enemy commits war here and abroad.

    Indeed, your rants and accusations are no substitute for scholarship and no one of any intellectual capacity would agree that your vicious comments about me are an academic source for either Israel politics, halachah, or anything Jewish at all. That you would even choose to write such nasty comments about me without thought of the consequences of doing so, shows the extent of depravity to which you have succumbed. Ironically, your entire comment personifies everything that is wrong with the Jblogosphere, which is exactly what I was responding to in my original article.

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