Adult Pajamas

Sleepwear is a personal matter. In my youth you would have found me in standard boy attire. You know, fire trucks, superheroes, famous scientists and mathematicians. As I aged that slowly changed into plain pajamas and then no pajamas.

Ok, no pajamas is a bit misleading, I wasn’t naked. It had just evolved to a pair of shorts, unless it was really cold in which case I would wear a shirt too. That’s not to say that there wasn’t the sleep free and clean period of time because I went through that too.

There was something very pleasant about sleeping naked, until the Northridge earthquake, but that is a different story as is the challenges presented by sleeping naked at your girlfriend’s apartment when her roommate was out of town but suddenly showed up in the middle of the night only you didn’t hear her and because you weren’t wearing glasses couldn’t see well enough to recognize you were in the wrong bedroom.

That was an intentional run on sentence designed to try and describe the feeling you get when you realized that you just climbed into the wrong bed with the wrong person. In some places they call that “The Grapevine effect.” In fact in a study of the Dutch the Grapevine effect was proven to have an adverse affect upon many aspects of life. To quote an old inside joke, “Sleep with muppets and your life will be nothing but a shell of what it could be.” Maybe that is why it is not easy being green or from cleveland.

Back to our story. The naked thing was quite nice, especially in my old, no air conditioning apartment. The valley gets pretty hot during the summer. Fortunately the lack of a/c was a brief moment in time so sleeping in 100 degree weather wasn’t a long term task.

And even if it was there came a point in married life in which naked sleep wasn’t the best option because young children liked to come sleep with mom and dad.

So during the last decade or so I have found myself in sweats and shorts with an assortment of tops. For the most part this has worked out well. They may not be silk, but like them. Still, every now and then I have wanted something different. Instead of being like Mike I could be like Groucho.

Or perhaps I might try something like these or these. As a special favor to my readers allow me to remind you that it is important to get the right size. Screw up and you could end up looking like a stuffed sausage.

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