My Treo Was Eaten By An Elevator

This is one of those posts that make me shake my head and wonder why I got out of bed. I’d like to be able to say that this is just another attempt at trying to come up with something funny, but the truth is that my Treo met a hungry elevator.

The attack was conducted with lightning speed. Really, it is just a blur. One moment it was in hand and the next it was on the floor where it slid into the gaping maw of that horrible creature.

Maybe if I would have had two good hands things would have been different. I tried to save my poor little Treo. I kicked the battery out of the way and grabbed the main unit. And then I watched, helplessly as the back of my Treo was swallowed by that beast.

One moment it was there and then suddenly it disappeared into the shaft. Poor little Treo. Maybe it is time for a Blackberry.

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