General Housekeeping Notes

Sometimes when I start these notes I feel a bit like Captain Kirk. You ought to hear a disembodied voice as the narrator, “Blogdate 01192008…we have entered the template redesign star system….”

This evening I spent a chunk of time working on updating my template. I have been meaning to do so for quite some time, but until tonight had been unable to find a spare block of time. Ok, that is not really true. I hadn’t been willing to use the free time I had to take on the project.

Truth is that tonight I should have tackled a dozen other projects that were more important and more pressing than this one, but sometimes it is much more enjoyable to blow off responsibility. Besides it is a three day weekend so I have plenty of time to fix the motion detector, repair a gate and engage in some heavy labor.

In case you are wondering I am pleased to say that I had the splint removed from my hand. The very next day I celebrated by driving to the gym and spending an hour shooting hoops. I had to fight not to play. I really miss being out there. I love the competition.

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  1. The Babka Nosher says

    Sorry Jack, I’m not loving picture. Pretty eye (seems weird not to use the plural there), but the bruise is somewhat disturbing. That being said… I didn’t notice it until I scrolled back to the top looking for template changes…

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