Another Keyword Search

Here is another sample of how some of you ended up here. Some of the searches kill me because they are just so out there. I am half tempted to spend some time using these search terms to write a post.

Anyway, I left a few comments about the terms. They are on the right.

favorite song lyrics
comic book religion
how to make hard boiled eggs
pressured into having children
interpretations evel knievel (Sounds like someone is writing poetry in honor the departed E.K.)
arabic thomas the tank
grammatical errors and mistakes in harry potter (They need the fixus mistakus spell.)
meaning going commando (A picture illustrates this beautifully.)
how long does love last?
how to teach a child to lose gracefully
throw roses in the rain meaning
human eaten alive by animal
what is the meaning in princess bride? (Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die!)
guinness book of world records most bras unfasten in one minute ( This is why I carry a scissors.)
why women like to suck (Five words. Something tells me that three and four should be removed.)
how to use sex doll (If you need instructions you aren’t old enough to use the doll.)
how much is sperm worth
why do hard-boiled eggs spin
orthodox shave norelco
is it ok to have a beard if you are bald? (Not unless you have a prescription from your doctor.)

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