The Crooked Finger

I spent part of the evening listening to Clannad and a few Enya songs. You can find a partial list below:

The Theme To Harry’s Game
In A Lifetime
I Will Find You
Only Time
It’s In The Rain
Exile– From L.A. Story– this one always catches me. There is that great quote in the beginning of the video “Why is it that we don’t always recognize the moment when love begins, but we always know when it ends.” That got me through more than one rough moment.

Today marked one week since I had the splint removed from my finger and two weeks since the dislocation. The docs told me to take a full two weeks before I started playing ball or lifting anything heavy again. I made it one full week.

Over the weekend the kids spent some time with their grandparents. My mother took the opportunity inspect my hand and reminded me that she and my father had given me fingers that were straight. I smiled and waved a crooked finger at her. It is not quite clear to me yet whether the crookedness is due to the swelling or if that is going to be a souvenir of the incident.

Some people tell me that I have fat fingers, others have described my hands as being meat hooks. I don’t really know. What I can say is that life has left me with quite a few scars and a host of stories. As long as the finger works I don’t worry too much about whether it is straight or crooked.

Today I chose to test it. I returned to the gym and played ball for the first time in two weeks. I was a bit rusty. I felt a bit tentative about it, so I made sure to bring some tape along. Alone in the locker room I sat and taped my my ring and middle fingers together. Before I went out I made a point to try and flex them and then I lightly punched the locker. No pain meant that I felt confident about playing.

I’ll be cautious and take tomorrow off, but come Friday it will be time to do battle again.

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