Israel and Gaza- A Short Roundup of Posts

Here is a roundup of posts about the current situation in Israel.

Meryl offered Gaza, briefly. Soccer Dad provided Some coverage of Gaza events.

PTWatch keeps track of all terror attacks from Gaza towards Israel since Israel’s withdrawal. EOZ provide his usual March Qassam Calendar.

Aussie Dave is Liveblogging the Conflict: Sat/Sun Feb 29-Mar 1. You should take a moment to read Seraphic Secret’s Two Fighting Generals.

Check out Carl’s 40 rockets hit southern Israel – 12 in Ashkelon and Reoccupy Gaza or talk to Hamas?

Don’t forget to take a gander at As useful as teats on a boar hog and Shackled to the peace process… or free to wage war.

And finally From Laura in Sderot: The last 36 hours…

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