Too Many Magazines To Read

It was dark when I woke up. I didn’t have to look at the clock to know that nature was telling Mr. Sluggo to get up five minutes prior to the alarm. Some days it is kind of nice to be up before sunrise.

I am not a farmer or a broker. Work doesn’t mandate that I shave hours of sleep off of my schedule. It is my own choice, sort of. I just have too much to do. There is work to be done to ensure that I have enough money to pay bills. There is housework to be done. A leaky sink, light bulbs to be changed, sprinklers to be fixed, a fuse in the car to replace, trash to be taken out, smoke detector to be installed and a host of other things here.

This doesn’t include family time. There is homework to help with, stories to read, discussions about school and more questions about anatomy.

In fact, I just may post about the string and mom. That is quite a tale. I may even share the real name of the mother who explained to her son what a tampon does and where it goes. Because he told my son all about it and as you can imagine this led to one hell of a talk. I am certainly not prude or afraid to discuss these things but I am ready for a short break. Can’t I spend more time filling the lad’s head with stories about baseball and March Madness.

All of this is just filler for the meat of this post. I love to read. It is not an exaggeration to say that I devour books and magazines about all sorts of different topics. I read quite quickly and fortunately have good comprehension and retention skills.

Our home is filled with a ton of books and a host of magazines. The problem is that I have reached the point where I simply do not have enough time to read all of the magazines I receive. I have to cut back. I have to reduce the load. I can’t give up anymore sleep. I can’t give up working out or anything else. They have already received reductions.

But I love my magazines and am trying to come up with a compromise in which I read more of the online versions. It is a reasonable compromise. That is what I tell myself. But it is not the same as holding the hard copy of the publication. I like to hear the swishing of the pages. I like the feeling of holding something substantive in my hands.

Magazines aren’t the same as books. I am very selective about what I hold onto. Books are not to be thrown away. Magazines aren’t either, they’re recycled, but I still send them on their way.

If any of the candidates can promise to create a 36 hour day that doesn’t involve drugs or anything harmful they’ll probably get my vote. I just have too many magazines to read.

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