Hungry Heart- And a Few Others

Here is a snapshot of some of what I have been listening to today.


Hungry Heart– When I was younger I used to just get in the car and drive, destination unknown. Every now and then that wanderlust hits me again. Sometimes the road not taken is the one that I miss the most.

Tougher Than The Rest– So many memories tied up in this one.

Tunnel Of Love– Can it really be 20 years. This song always makes me wonder.

Better Days
– In my mind he is a master poet.

Leap Of Faith– Not his greatest song, but I like the idea behind it. And I enjoy the opening monologue.

No Surrender– This was high school for me, or should I say that it came out when I was in high school.

Dead Man Walkin’– I suppose that you could say that I like songs with stories behind them, don’t have to be real.

Waitin’ On A Sunny Day– Hope springs eternal.

Mick Jagger

Visions of Paradise– Another story that might have been, could still be or never was. Love this stuff.

Gimme Shelter– It is The Rolling Stones and not just Mick. Great song, the video fits.

Paul McCartney and miscellaneous others.

Maybe I’m Amazed
– Another song that makes me smile.

Day After Day– Bad Finger fits right into the 70s, but I like it anyhow.

God Only Knows– You have to love the Beach Boys.

Vincent– Love the painting.

BTW, had a conversation at the office with a few of the fellows and decided that Styx ranks right up there with the sappiest love songs. Somehow we all got stuck slow dancing to one or more of those.

Of course that usually wasn’t the same sort of punishment as being stuck with a partner you didn’t want while the D.J. played Freebird.

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