The Phone Rang Far Too Early

Here is a simple observation about telephone calls that come late at night or early in the morning. They make me nervous. They almost always seem to be about someone dying or being on the verge of death.

It never used to be that way. They used to fit into one of three areas.

1) The buddy who called to ask me to join him at a club or bar.

2) The friend who called because their girlfriend/boyfriend had broken up with them and they needed to talk.

3) The friend who called because they needed me to come serve as in-house counsel.

I didn’t mind those calls at that much. People used to laugh about how it seemed like I never slept. You could call at 3 am and find me wide awake.

Those days are gone now. There is still an open phone policy. If you really need me you can call at any time, but make sure that it is serious.

Lately the policy has been abused and I am starting to become quite cranky. The worst offenders are my parents. Smart people who don’t wear watches and ignore the huge time difference between the states and Israel.

No wonder I am so &$&#^[email protected] grumpy this morning.

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