Tuesday Night Tunes

I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
Love without end, amen– George Strait
Face To Face-Siouxsie and The Banshees
Helter Skelter-Paul McCartney
In the End– Linkin Park
What I’ve Done– Linkin Park
Somewhere I Belong– Linkin Park
It’s Been Awhile– Staind
Fire on Babylon– Sinead O’Connor
Molly Malone– The Dubliners
The One- Elton John
Chariots of Fire– Vangelis

Updated: I stumbled onto a host of songs that remind me of fraternity life. Saturday night at the house you’d find the dance floor packed full of people. Usually there were so many people in there it was hard to really move. That was a good thing for a guy like me who loved music, understood rhythm but couldn’t get his body to prove he had much. Confession, I can two step and am not bad at slow dancing.

Anyhoo, here are a few of those songs.

The Power– Snap
Give Up the Funk– Parliament
Atomic Dog– George Clinton
Push It – Salt ‘n Pepa
Pour Some Sugar on Me– Def Leppard
Faith– George Michael
Every Rose Has Its Thorn– Poison
Close My Eyes Forever-Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne

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