Friday Music Continued

I received several emails asking for me to continue the list of music from this morning. So Per your request I am pleased to provide some additional tunes for your review and consumption.

This next song was sort of a personal anthem for me for a while

After the Fire– Roger Daltrey

I loved this line:
“After the fire the fire still burns
The heart grows older but never ever learns
The memories smoulder and the soul always yearns
After the fire the fire still burns.”

Beat’s So Lonely– Charlie Sexton (This song just reminds me of high school. Not amazing, but it holds a few memories.)

I Beg Your Pardon-Kon Kan ( Every time I hear this I expect to find myself watching a John Hughes movie.)

Letter To me– Brad Paisley ( I appreciate the idea of writing a letter to the 17 year-old I used to be. I like most of his music.)

Our house– Madness (Love the piano opening and the horns.)
One step beyond– Madness (I once shared a flight from Heathrow to Newark with them. Talk about drunk musicians- phew. But they were friendly and we shared a few laughs.

Jack And Diane– John Cougar (Since I seemed to be focused on school days here is another song from that time period.

Young Turks– Rod Stewart- (This goes hand in hand with Jack and Diane, at least it does for me.)

I Think I Love You- The Partridge Family (If you are old enough to have given or received this song on a tape, you should know that you’re really old.

Fire and Rain– James Taylor (Some people will be disappointed that I went with the obvious choice, but sometimes obvious is best.)

The End– The Beatles (“And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.”)
Strawberry Fields Forever– The Beatles (Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.)

Tangled Up In Blue– Bob Dylan

Try A Little Tenderness– Otis Redding
Hard To Handle– Otis Redding (The man just had it.)
Ain’t no Mountain High Enough– Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell- (Words to live by.)

Fire– Bruce Springsteen (Passion, if you don’t get it, you’re missing out on so much.)

Possession-Sarah McLachlan (She has a beautiful voice.)
Angel-Sarah McLachlan
World On Fire-Sarah McLachlan
Hold On I’m Comin‘- Sam and Dave (Great song that I associate with The Blues Brothers.)

Minnie The Moocher– Cab Calloway
As Times Goes By

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