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Sometimes we just have to share the junk we stumble over. Here are a few stories interspersed with my comments.

He Took The Gator For a Ride

the trooper noticed a 6-foot alligator contentedly riding next to the back window of Johnson’s car. Johnson said he found the gator on the side of a road.

I feel confident that the trooper was able to assess the mental state of the gator, but wait, there is more to the story. What happened when in a separate incident a different officer spoke with Mr. Johnson.

Johnson advised the officer that there was a water moccasin snake in his car and that the snake had already bitten him on the hand.

An animal control officer found the snake and removed it, Longbotham said.

Johnson refused medical treatment for his hand.

Early Sunday a resident of a local mobile home park said Johnson knocked on his door and asked for help hauling a big television out of a mobile home, Longbotham said.

“The neighbor told him that’s not your house,” the chief said.

Then the neighbor noticed the alligator in the back seat of Johnson’s car, Longbotham said.

Johnson left the television in the yard and drove away.

If I saw an alligator in a car, I’d probably call the police. Ok, on to the second story.

What do you do when your surgeon laughs at you. In this next story we learn that a patient suffered severe embarrassment from the laughter of doctors and nurses involved in his operation. Now, I don’t condone their laughter, but when you read the story you’ll see that he should have been embarrassed just to be there.

Sun.Star: CEBU CITY, Philippines – Unethical and scandalous.

That’s how several doctors described the behavior of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) doctors and nurses during the operation to remove a perfume canister from the anus of a male patient.

Doctors involved in the operation were seen laughing boisterously during the operation, which was recorded on video. A video clip was later uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube.

Dr. Emmanuel Gines, VSMMC media liaison officer and emergency room department head, said in a radio interview that they will apologize to the 39-year-old patient identified only as Jan-Jan because of the embarrassment he suffered.

And as has been said many times. Teleconference means you are being televised.

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