Blog Fodder- How Do You Come Up With Material

A friend from the real world recently accosted me about my blog and asked if I ever run out of material to blog about. I laughed and said that it never happens, I can always find something to write about. Finding material is never hard.

The hard part is taking the raw material and making something meaningful out of it. If you post as often I am wont to do you will find that it takes a significant amount of work to produce a decent post. In the early days I had less concern about quality and just slapped stuff up there. It is a habit that I find less endearing so I have made a point of trying to more carefully manage things.

One of the advantages to having a blog like this one is that there is no topic that I cannot cover. I can literally write about anything and I do. As the seventeen long time readers know there are certain themes that continually crop up and I certainly go through cycles in which I focus more on specific areas.

Lately I have been spending more time pumping out pieces of Fragments of Fiction. I’ll keep doing that until I am bored with it and I’ll focus on something else.

Inspiration for the blog comes from all sorts of places. I look at what happens in my life and spend some time chronicling it. I take all sorts of news stories and comment on them. Standard resources include Fark, The NY Times, CNN and various other sources of news and information.

Some of my favorite posts come from experiences I have with people. The most popular posts tend to be those that touch upon some common human experience.

I am also inclined to look at the wacky, kind of out there post. Here in my corner of cyberspace it is not unusual for me to clean out the dusty shelves inside my noggin. Sometimes I find some real treasures and sometimes I discover that I am full of more crap than I realized.

Speaking of things that float through my mind, I have been playing around with creating a post about a mohel. Ever wonder what they are thinking about. From time to time I have. Do they ever find themselves distracted or bored by what they are doing. Does this make them want to take a shortcut.

Do any of them promote themselves with a goofy slogan like “Have scalpel will travel,” or “Just a a little off the top.”

I wonder.

Later on I’ll come back and share more of what I wonder about.

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