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Leora’s post Why Blog? Why not! serves as the inspiration for this post.

Some of my favorite posts are those in which I let myself ramble and roll about this and that. I enjoy the free association and just letting the current take me where it will.

As I write this Dancing Queen is playing on iTunes. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the almost famous Ann Stacey skating in circles around the skating rink. Does this date me. Does talking about 70’s disco music and the epitome of 70’s music make me old. Makes me think of Austin Powers in Goldmember. They did a whole bit on the roller skating thing.

One more thing film lovers, did you notice that A Fifth of Beethoven was playing in the background. Just how many people did Aunt Brenda teach how to Do the Hustle.

But enough about all that, this post is supposed to be about blogging and so it shall be. Many of us bloggers get into the game with dreams of becoming legends of blogging. We shoot for the stars and hope that one day millions of readers will choose to hang on our every keystroke. Perhaps that is why posts about blogging are always popular.

At least that has been my experience. Blog about blogging and it is a hit. Anyway over the years I have written quite a number of posts about blogging, some of them have even been interesting and worthwhile. 😉

This past March I promised to go back and review some of what I have read and comment on whether I still feel the same way. I try to do my best to uphold my promises (even if I do operate on my own time schedule) so here are a few comments on each post.

How Long Will You Keep On Blogging?– I didn’t really comment on how long I intend to keep blogging, but I expect that my usual answer still stands. I’ll keep going until I no longer enjoy it.

Building The Blog-I can’t say that there are a ton of things that I would do differently, at least not for this blog. The primary one is that I would have come up with a much better title for the damn thing. Beyond that, for a personal blog the list I came up with still suits me.

Blog Questions We Ask Ourselves– I still consider giving up my anonymity. I sometimes wonder if it would really change the nature of what I write. In the early days I was certain that it would be far too problematic to be out there, but now I am not so sure. I suppose that the main issue I have is what impact it would have on my career.

While I very much enjoy having readers, I’d keep writing with or without them. I have written almost 430 posts this year. Remember, it is about quality, not quantity.

Blogging for Ego, For Experience, For What– Still the same, but I wonder if I am repeating myself way too often. Welcome to the department of redundancy department.

How Many Blogs Do You Read?– I read fewer blogs than ever. My free time has really shrunk so my ability to read has made me far pickier about what I check in on. If you are on the blogroll than I probably check in on you. If you used to be on the blogroll I probably still check in, just less frequently.

How Do You Not Run Out Of Material– That is easy. Even though I recycle material I always find new things to discuss. The kids are always doing something worth chronicling. There are always gadgets to cover, politics to mention and the adventures I have in daily life.

Commenting on Comments– I am no longer lurking challenged. Maybe I have less to say or maybe I have just grown up, but I find myself leaving fewer comments than ever.

Just a few more words to share with you. If you are new to the blog and interested in seeing what other inanities I have come up with you can click on the label and find all sorts of other nifty things to look at.

Alternatively you can look on my sidebar at the drop down menus. There are three called: Personal Favorites, Judaism/Religious Thoughts and Blogging. There is all sorts of stuff in there, why it is chock full of posts you’ll wish that you had written yourself. Or perhaps you’ll wish that had that last five minutes back.

Go on now, take a look.

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