I Have Stories to Tell

My mother says that when I was in preschool the teachers would tell her that I had a very active imagination. I think that it is a fair assessment. I have stories to tell. There are a million tales percolating inside the melon that sits on my shoulders.

I think that part of what I love about blogging is that it provides an outlet for that creative portion. It offers a place where I can try to tell my stories and I am quite appreciative of that. I just get off on trying to spin a yarn about this and that.

There is something very intriguing about trying to find a way to use words to paint a picture. I enjoy the challenge of trying to take the story I see inside my head and export it in a fashion that others can appreciate. It is not always easy to do.

If I had the time I think that I really would work on writing a book. I’d like to take my Fragments of Fiction and weave them into something more. I’d like to take them and build a layered tapestry of the tale that is in my heart.

Writing provides a lot of opportunity for doing so, but I’d love to have the opportunity to do so in film as well. There is a project inside me, actually many. I’d love to translate the mental baggage into both print and movie form.

It would be so interesting and exciting to be able to combine the two. Maybe I should play the lottery, because if I won enough I might find the means to do it all.

Every now and then I have this urge to grab my dad’s Super 8 and go to work. Every now and then I think about what story I would tell first and how I would frame it. Where would I film, what would I film, how would I do it. All questions I ask myself.

And of course I’d have a ton of fun coming up with a soundtrack to accompany it.

So there you have a short summary of a big dream of mine. I can’t say what the future hold, but I can say that I chase my dreams. I am patient and determined. Can’t say that I have lived all of them yet, but there is still quite a bit of time. At least I hope there is.

Now that I have jinxed myself I better look twice before crossing the street. It wouldn’t do to be hit by a bus or contract some sort of terminal illness, but it could make a good story. Ok, excuse me for a bit, I need to mull this over.

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