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Smart stethoscope-based on the principle that blood flow through restricted arteries sounds different to the flow through healthy vessels. The device listens to the noise that the blood makes as it flows though the heart, filters out any unwanted background noise and then looks for the telltale signs that artery disease is present.

The Synagogue World’s Four Letter Word: RSVPAnd some people are simply above the law, with lines like the immortal, “Oh, you know me, I never RSVP for these things,” as though RSVPing were like choosing the right style of dress for the occasion, or knowing what goes with white wine at a meal. Another reliable excuse in this category is, “Oh, but you knew I would be there; I always come to these!”

GPS Locator For Alzheimer’s Patients-There’s plenty of peopletracking GPS devices out there to choose from, but if you’re in need of something a bit more specialized, you may want to consider this latest device from Keruve, which is apparently intended specifically for Alzheimer’s patients. To that end, the system employs a GPS tracker bracelet that’s water-proof and can only be removed with a special tool —

The 411 on Your Next Cellphone-Crisp Photos, Big Pictures,PC-Grade Computing and Graphics, One-Touch Security

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