Art I Wish That I Could Create

One of the primary purposes of this blog is to serve as a creative outlet. My mind is filled with images that swoop and swirl all over the place. There are beeps and whistles, horns, hoots and hollers.

Inside my head there are great chasms of darkness, empty swaths of desert and endless seas. It is a cliche, but I have visions and dreams that I can live a thousand lifetimes in. Inside my skull I see possibilities and potential.

Given time, given motivation, given opportunity I can bring some of that out into the light and translate it into something you can see. Inside my head it feels like the ocean is constantly pounding against the rocks, churning and burning. The roar never stops.

Sometimes it is soothing. Sometimes it is peaceful. And other times it is the epitome of storm. The sea rages and I do all that can to stay afloat.

So here my friends is an imperfect and incomplete list of things art that I wish to create. Some of these things may happen within my lifetime and some may not. In some cases the limits exist solely because of my own ability.

Now understand that I HATE to say that there are limits to what I can do, but reality speaks. I cannot paint like Picasso. I am not a crazy Dutchman like Van Gogh. But maybe I’ll find a way to create that image I see.

1) Movies- I have more than one movie inside me. I have action, adventure, drama and love stories.

2) Books- There is more than one locked inside me.

3) Painting- I wish that I could take what I see and show it to you. It is so very hard not to be able to communicate it.

4) Song- I suppose that I can write a song. I could learn how to read and write music. But what I want is to be able to sing it. I want a voice filled with power and passion that stops people in their tracks.

Give it to me and I’ll find songs that make you stop in your tracks. Truly, if I could you’d hear me sing a song that would make you weep with joy and sorrow.

5) Musical instrument- One day I’d like to learn how to play. The thing is that I want to play more than one. I want to be a master at many. But life is far too brief.

I don’t fear death. As my grandfather ZL said, when death comes for me I plan on giving him a surprise. As he begins to embrace me I’ll kick him in the balls, punch him in the mouth and poke him in the eyes. (Note to self, this is called the Three Stooges method of avoiding death) And then I’ll run like hell.

What I do fear is living a life that is devoid and empty of happiness.

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