My Review Of The Dark Knight

“The Batmobile broke its wheel and the Joker got away…”

Got away Saturday night and caught The Dark Knight. That was a feat, haven’t managed to go out on a Satuday night in forever. Reminds me of a song they used to sing at Camp Blue (The Lair of The Bear) that went something like:

“Saturday night, Saturday night, weekend starts Saturday night,
Summer here is and spring is gone,
mountain air is full of song”

Or something along those lines.

So it appears that I helped The Caped Crusader blow by Spidey’s box office bonanza. Wow, almost $156 million, that is a chunk of change. Anyway, enough about that, how about

Warning, there may be a spoiler or two about the movie below this ‘graph.

As expected Batman defeated the Joker. Big surprise there, but that is ok. I prefer the edgier Batman of the last two movies to the those portrayed by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Those movies were at best ok, but more because I am a fan of Batman. As films they weren’t anything special.

But The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, they are different. They have a certain substance and style to them that grabbed me. Maybe it is that edge that captivates me. The Joker isn’t a loveable rogue. You don’t look about him and make excuses for his behavior. He is not a caricature of a bad guy, he is BAD. He is a nightmare that you’d rather not encounter.

Bale’s Batman is a character who doesn’t fall into a specific category of being good or bad. I like that in a superhero. There are flaws. Batman may have rules, but the edges are blurred. I find it easier to root for the human hero than the one who can do no wrong.

What do you think?

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  1. sam September 11, 2010 at 11:48 am

    i just want to say that batman isnt a superhero hes just a hero/villain a superhero has powers like superman or spider-man etc, batman/wayne has money and alo of technology from the help of the military group of his company.

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