A 12 Round Fight

For those of you who are unable or unwilling to listen here is the story behind the audio post. I recently purchased and installed video editing software. The idea was that it might be nice to take all of the home movies off of tape and drop them onto a DVD where they would be better protected.

Not to mention that I thought that it might be fun to learn how to edit the movies so that I could dress them up and make them more fun to watch. So I spent a solid three hours working on my first project, or should I say attempting to work on it.

The blasted thing just didn’t want to cooperate with me, which is why I referred to it as a 12 round fight. Basically the first six rounds consisted of it kicking my butt up, down and around the ring. But I finally got a handle on things and began to turn it around.

In fact I feel confident enough to say that this is really a draw. If it weren’t after midnight I’d volunteer for the rematch right now. But I think that the better part of valor is to accept the draw, get some sleep and then come back tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed.

That is code for I am going to kick your electronic ass. Mock me, laugh at me all you want, computer, tomorrow your silicon butt is mine.

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