Betrayed By Someone Close To Me

Betrayal is not something that I tolerate well. I realize that is probably the case with many people, but I find it to be exceptionally difficult to swallow. Maybe it is because of my own loyalty. When the battle rages I don’t run, I stand.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, back-against-back, that is how you find me. Punch me in the mouth, kick me in the crotch or stab me, it just doesn’t matter. If the devil himself suddenly appeared I’d smack him down, without a second thought.

Not everyone can handle those standards. Not everyone can give what I ask. I understand, but at the same time when we are so close it is not something that I can just ignore.

I suppose that I should provide more details so that you can better understand what is happening and why fire is emanating from my nostrils. It is a very simple reason.

My ^&#&#*$$*()&%*$# computer has declared war upon me. Not just that, but it somehow has eaten around 40% of the music I had on my iTunes. And the thing that really sticks in my craw is that I save my iTunes files to an external hard drive. So WTF happened to my music.

I have recovered some of it and will definitely be able to restore more via the old CD collection, but that doesn’t help me all that much. Hours upon hours have been spent running diagnostic tests and trying to implement some simple solutions.

Ran my spyware software and haven’t found anything. Ran the antivirus to see if somehow something got through and haven’t found evidence of anything. It is like trying to find D.B. Cooper, or my own episode of the X-Files.

The answers are out there

But I haven’t found them yet. Listen closely and you just might hear me scream in frustration.

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