I must be in need of serious help. Got the old iTunes playing in the background. It is on shuffle and I am busy doing some odds and ends around the house.

Sinatra comes on and I do an impression of him crooning a few tunes. He is followed by Elvis and I spend a couple more moments pretending to be the king.

And then I lost my freaking mind. I just belted out a few lines from Weekend in New England by Barry Freaking Manilow. WTF!

So off I go racing to the garage to smear myself in grease and power tools. In a moment I’ll head off to the liquor store to grab some beer, yes beer. If you see my walk out with a wine cooler please kick me in the ass as hard as you can.

Something is very, very wrong with me. The next thing you know I’ll find myself watching The Sound of Music or booking a flight for cleveland.

And now if you’ll excuse me I am off to find Barney and head out to the next meeting of the Loyal order of Water Buffalos.

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