Sifting Through My Archives

I am a blogger and not unlike many bloggers I check my stats. I check my stats because I am curious to see how many people show up here. I find it interesting that so many people find the content here to be worth checking up on.

I find it interesting to see what sorts of keyword searches lead people here. And I find it interesting to see where people are coming from. It is cool to see that blogging lets you interact with the world in a way that you could never otherwise do.

Every so often I notice that people spend quite a bit of time poring over the archives. That always makes me wonder what it is they are doing. What is so interesting. What is it that they are looking for.

So dear reader, if this describes you I’d be interested in learning more about what you are after. Because for the last week there are at least three different people who have spent hours reviewing the material here. Give me a holler and let me know more, and maybe I can help you find it.

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