Search Terms That Led You Here

Every now and then I like to put together a post that shows the keywords that led you here. This time around I am going to include the keywords and what post they led to.

Now that I see some of these old posts I find myself cringing, oy.

Taking stock of life-Taking Stock of Life- A General Accounting
Meaning bras-Bras That Do Tricks
Upset shoppers “happy holidays”-Happy Holidays is An Appropriate Greeting
what does it feel like to die-What Does It Feel Like To Die
men’s emotions-Men, Our Emotions and Dating
significance of crotch-“Crotch Durability Problems”
fortune smiles upon me-Fortune Smiles Upon me- Someone Else Wants to Make Me Rich
how to bless telemarketer-More Fun with Telemarketers
things to do in an elevator- Things to Do In An Elevator
if you could read my mind lyrics meaning-A Story Using Song Lyrics Revisited Continued
meaning of penis-She Broke My Penis

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