Who Wants To Buy An Artificial Foreskin

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And this my friends is but an abbreviated list of the cool stuff we told you about. But now I am about to share with you the one invention that trumps all of them. I can’t believe that this wasn’t pointed out to me sooner.

Men, we now have the option to purchase artificial foreskin. Yes, you read that correctly, you can buy artificial foreskin. If your abba told the mohel to take a little off the top and he took him too seriously your prayers have been answered.

Introducing the SenSlip, a product whose manufacturers claim is long overdue. If you’ll bear with me I am trying hard to take this seriously, but it is killing me. So if you’re still reading let me share some of what is making me chuckle.

From the fitting instructions:

You can, if desired, adjust the length of the Senslip with a sharp pair of scissors. Remove the Senslip and cut off the required amount from the ribbed end to achieve the desired length.

I think that the should highlight the part about removing it before cutting. It is one of those warnings like not removing the tag from a mattress that are very important. After all who wants to visit the E.R. because you played automohel.

I should add that the FAQs provide valuable information too such as to never insert this into any part of your body or anyone else.

Call me crazy, but I foresee problems if you have to tell your partner to hold on because you have to take off the condom, er foreskin you’re wearing so that you can put on a condom.

Why, oh why are they not advertising this amazing product on television. Surely there is a washed up actor or actress who would do an infomercial to promote this wonderful product. Maybe they could sell it alongside The Ginsu Knife.

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