A Visit To The Dentist

In a couple of hours I am going to subject myself to the tender ministrations of my dentist. You see I have a cavity that needs to be filled and I am most unhappy about it. I hate having my mouth numbed. I find it to be quite uncomfortable.

Even though it is preferable to being drilled upon without any sort of anesthesia, it bothers me. It bothers me because for the duration of that numb feeling I have this feeling that I am drooling so I am forever wiping my mouth. It bothers me because as soon I go numb I find that I am really thirsty and hungry.

And you know that the dentist always recommends that you not eat until the feeling in your mouth returns, you wouldn’t want to accidentally consumer portions of your tongue. Which reminds me, as a kid I used to love to have a tongue sandwich. Of course no one told me where it came from, but I digress.

Drinking is supposed to be safe, but I still find that to be problematic. Actually that is the one time that I find that I have any issue at all with drooling. And you know there is nothing better than feeling like a human St. Bernard.

But the most frustrating part of all of this is knowing that somehow I am responsible for this. It just irks me. I had thought that I had been doing a proper job of taking care of the old choppers, but apparently one little tooth was left out.

So now if you’ll excuse me I am off to take care of this thing. Feh.

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